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​​​Do you want to build on line forms for you 365 office ? Makes this possible with our easy-to-use form builder and advanced features. Collect payments, gather customer data, and automate your day-to-day tasks in just a few clicks. Now with a drag-and-drop, designers can easily design and create effective online forms in minutes and for any device without having to write custom code, just click the controls (Text Boxes, Dropdown, Radio Buttons, Images etc.) you want to add and drag them over to your form design area. SPARK Forms gives beginner users the ability to create simple forms, while experienced developers can create any type of complex forms. With "What You See Is What You Get" editor, you can create your forms "look and feel" just the way you want them to be.

Painless to optimize

You can preview your online forms to make sure that everything is working probably before publishing the form officially to the users. You can view how the form would render in a selected device layout without having to exit the form designer. This technique provides the designer with the ability to test the form online and in a private mode before publishing it.

Simple to manage

SPARK Forms maintains histori​c versions, allowing you to rollback to any prior version of the form at any time.


The Online Help System is designed to help you find what you need quickly. Topics are brief and include references to related topics if you want to learn more. You can access the online help by selecting the help icon from any of the screens within the form design workspace. The online help provide users with all necessary information to help you create forms.

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