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​​​With our SharePoint Web Forms Builder, millions of non-technical users, designers, business users and subject matter experts, without the need for programming knowledge and skills, can now quickly and easily build both on-premise and cloud-based enterprise-class forms and applications by placing a rich set of drag-drop controls in a user-friendly editor and let them configuring the control’s properties, style, validations, rules and formats and then publishing these forms to SharePoint lists/libraries/content types with a click.​​



​​ You can create any kind of interactive form quickly & easily . Collect payments, gather customer data, registration forms and day-to-day tasks etc… . SPARK provide you with the tools to do that. The types of forms you can create with SPARK Forms are only limited to your imagination.


​​By using "Form Views" you can create easily, quickly an​​d intuitively multi-pages, wizard and multi-tabs forms, you can configure the properties of each view independently, you can provide the users with different ways to view data depending on the type of form that you want to create or the type of user that you are representing the form to.

Task SharePoint Forms

​​SPARK Forms is tightly workflow integrated with SharePoint Designer, Nintex and K2 Workflows to eliminate the time spent on manual tasks and to automate business processes and deliver rich applications. We embedded the workflow actions in the form to help simplify the workflow actions to be taken from a central point, so you can quickly accept, reject, delegate task, stop/start workflow, view workflow history, view pending tasks, comment on the submitted data and send messages via email to other users within the SharePoint farm.

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